Kralizek is a hollow black hole at the center of the galaxy, and a common meeting-place for the Gods lies within. It orbits the source of all galaxy-stones: a yet-stranger and yet-older object called Yggdra, which mortals seeing it have described as a dent in time, a branching scream, and a dead giant. Within the black hole is The Space, a place where normal rules of the universe break down, allowing the Gods to reshape what exists outside the black hole, except for Yggdra, which even they cannot affect. Kralizek is but one of manny ways to acess The Space, and such hollow black holes can also be found in other galaxies. Also within Kralizek lies the Golden Path, which is the only way to exit and enter the black hole, and can also be used to access any part of the multiverse. The Golden Path takes the shape of an infinitely fractal-branching tunnel-dimension, getting narrower from each branch. From the height of the Golden Path, the entire universe can be seen as like a forest-floor, but beyond the boundary of the universe is the endless deepness in which that which the gods are afraid of lies, and also that which Yggdra awaits. It is said that the Dark is where the Gods come from, but any mortal to set eyes on the Dark has slipped into it and out of the universe, whether devoured or finally set free it is not known.

The nameless planet within the black hole is the abandoned planet of the gods, who planted the Golden Path, and created the black hole as a defense against an old enemy. Only three gods remain, and it is said that it was these three gods who decided to create the outside universe.

The nameless planet is made of an unknown substance, which is currently sloughing off into the Golden Path, and into the outside-universe, where they accrete space-time into ordered crystals called Galaxy Stones.